Extra Content for Rapidweaver

ExtraContent [EC] is a way to add additional parts to a Rapidweaver page beyond the regular Body and Sidebar areas. There are some new themes that take advantage of this [including some MouserWorks Themes] but if you are not an HTML wizard, it may be hard to figure out how to use and format the areas.

I have developed a simple theme called Extra Content Page that makes adding EC to your page a bit easier. While it is not an automatic solution, it does allow you to style and format your text and images inside of Rapidweaver and simply copy some code into the EC area. The theme is a free download, and should work well with any theme that has an EC area. Also included are snippets to put the code into your webpage, although you may already have similar ones from another theme. And note that your theme must support EC in order to use this :)

The instructions are fairly straight forward, although there are a few specific steps you need to follow in order for this to work correctly. Instructions are also included in the download, and I have posted a short video tutorial to better explain the process. Of course, every theme is different, and I cannot guarantee that this technique will work every time, but please let me know if there are any issues or you have suggestions on making things easier. Thanks! - Jiim
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